fragrances and flavours


At its beginnings, Esperis used to trade just these goods. To this day, it continues to provide a copious range of fragrances for all uses at any kind of price, to fulfil customersí needs.

Indeed, our fragrances are used in a variety of categories of products such as toiletries-cosmetics, fine fragrances, deodorants, bath and hair products, as well as household products (air fresheners, laundry products, washing liquids, surface cleaners and disinfectants). We also deal in a wide variety of fragrances for more specific and diverse industrial uses.

Moreover, we are very proud of being able to provide customers with specific and exclusive compositions of mixture of fragrances, tailored for any necessary use, conceived and carried out for the single customer.

Esperis disposes of many fragrances, for which the most important categories are indicated hereunder.


Since its beginning, Esperis has been collaborating with the most renowned pharmaceutical, food and confectionary companies, both Italian and foreign ones. It supplies a wide variety of flavours that are guaranteed to be of excellent quality.

As for fragrances, Esperis can offer you, upon request, flavours conceived and carried out according to the customerís most specific need.

Esperis disposes of many flavours, for which the most important categories are indicated hereunder.

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