Who we are

Esperis S.p.A. was founded in 1922 by Dr. Adriano Fayaud, a graduate in Pharmacy at Sorbonne University in Paris.

Still young, he moved to Italy and, from the start, dedicated particular care to the study of the officinalis plants and of vegetable extracts. His interest in the subject induced him to open several distilleries all over Italy for the distillation of the local essential oils, typical of the various regions.

At present Esperis is working in the field of the manufacturing and trading of raw materials for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use, with the main aim of following the new market trends and, above all, of fullfilling the customers' needs. Thanks to this, Esperis has been successfully cooperating with the most well-known Italian and foreign companies for almost 90 years now.

Esperis has been dedicating particular care to the research of natural and vegetable raw materials. Indeed, we can currently offer a wide range of vegetable oils, extracts, essential oils and concentrated juices, which have resulted of high quality from tests.

The range of products is extremely wide and deals with various raw materials necessary for the formulation of any kind of cosmetic products and most pharmaceutical ones.

We offer surfactants, preservatives, hair-care and functional products, sun filters, acids and alcohols, Lanocerina (hydrogenated lanolin) and its derivatives, vitamins, distilled waters, triglycerides and esters, glycols and mineral oils, flavours and fragrances for the most various applications, colours, etc.

As well as the high quality of our products, Esperis offers efficient and dynamic technical support, formulation expertise and product solutions, making it a highly qualified reference point in the field, and a reliable partner.

All employees are dedicated to understanding and anticipating customer needs.