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A Tradition of Innovation

For almost 100 years Esperis has represented innovation and excellence in the research and production of ingredients for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

We’re proud to be producers and not just retailers, and since 1922 we’ve been making our own little mark on the history of this sector and the economy of our much-loved city Milan.

We aspire to be a go-to partner for our customers and not just their suppliers. We work beside them on their most important projects, coming up with tailor-made ingredients and blends according to their needs.


Leadership and passion

The Esperis family are passionate believers in the idea that production of raw materials should be outstanding. Since the business was first founded we’ve worked hard to ensure the company continues to grow and that our customers can rely on our professionalism.

We’ve been through a world war, a post-war period, an economic boom, economic crises, austerity and lock-down and today we’re proud to say that our fourth generation is about to celebrate our 100th anniversary and that some of the sector’s leading names choose us each day as their go-to partner.

Pierre Rossi


Born in Milan in 1946 and holding a degree in Economy and Commerce from the Milan Cattolica University, he joined the company at a very young age and followed its evolution to the point of becoming its current President. His father, Angelo, was born in Corsica and moved to Milan at a very young age, where he worked as a perfumer alongside his uncle, Adriano Fayaud, and then went on to create and build up the business.

Laura Rossi


Born in 1968 and with a degree in Economy and Commerce from the Milan Bocconi University, Laura is currently the company’s managing director and is largely responsible for relations with our overseas customers and for the administrative side of the business. She organises all company business and manages the entire group and all key operations.

Antonella Rossi


Born in 1966 and with a law degree from the Milan Statale University, Antonella is specifically involved in the commercial sector of the company. She oversees the placing and managing of all orders and ensures that these are carried out as quickly as possible..


By focusing on expertise we can keep up with what our tradition demands and stay close to our customers.

We’ve always worked in the production of our ingredients here in Italy, never happy to settle as just being vendors.

Since the 1940s we’ve paved the way when it comes to natural extracts and medicinal herbs and we’ve always been strong believers in researching ingredients that can be used in natural cosmetics.

For this reason, our team – from our specialists to our factory workers – are all experts in their field and highly specialised when it comes to their products.

That’s why our customers can rely on the support of our targeted consulting service that covers all bases and creates tailored ingredients according to the customers’ needs.


Since 1922

The fortitude and insight of the founder

Esperis S.p.A. was founded in 1922 by Dr. Adriano Fayaud.
After completing a degree in pharmacy at the Sorbonne in Paris, at a young age he moved from France, where he was born, to Italy.

He was unceasing in his study of natural ingredients and he made full use of the rich biodiversity of Italy’s different regions, which he explored in a bid to discover new plant varieties. From the 1950s he started to open numerous distilleries across Italy for extracting essential oils found locally (Avola in Sicily, Briga Marittima in Piedmont, and San Lorenzo al Mare in Liguria).

As a result of his insight, Esperis was one of the first companies to carry out research into natural raw materials of plant origin and their industrial application and today we are able to offer a wide variety of the very finest plant oils, extracts, essential oils, and concentrated juices which we produce ourselves.

In addition to his research into raw materials, Adriano would also contribute significantly to the innovative processes used to turn these raw materials into ingredients that can be used by the industry.

Esperis boasts one of the earliest sulphation plants in Italy and research into high-pressure and high-temperature hydrogenation carried out on a pilot plant meant it was possible to use lanolin in the cosmetics industry and in detergents. The company obtained an international patent for Lanocerina in 1955.

In the years immediately after the war Esperis S.p.A. was a key player in the rebirth and rebuilding of Milan.

After the founder passed away in 1970, business continued under his granddaughter Antoinette Rossi, and in 2004 she then passed the baton to grandson Pierre Rossi, who is current President.


Dr. Adriano Fayaud


Antoniette Rossi


Up to today

Our team are representatives of professionalism and passion, and are here to support our customers.

The high quality of our products, our technical expertise and the close attention we pay to the needs of our customers have all allowed us to develop strong relations with leading companies in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and, in order to meet new market needs, the raw materials we offer are purchased from trusted suppliers abroad that we carry out extremely rigorous checks on.

In June 2015 Esperis was invited to the Scala Theatre where we were commended by the Milan Chamber of Commerce with a medal “for 76 years of achievement to business” and in 2009 we received a recognition award from the General Confederation of Italian Industry (Confindustria).

At present our Customer Service team is working hard to respond to requests from our customers, who we meet regularly at industry trade shows.

We put the same care into responding to large orders for industrial production as we do for small orders and we are happy to use our expertise to develop new products. It’s the best way to keep alive that trail-blazing spirit of the company’s founder!

All of this has led to us achieving the following awards:

November 2009: The General Confederation of Italian Industry (Confindustria) recognised the company with a certificate of seniority to the industry and as an associate member of the Italian Federation of the Chemical Industry (Federchimica) since 1945.

June 2015: Esperis was invited to the Scala Theatre where we were commended by the Milan Chamber of Commerce with a medal “for 76 years of achievement to business”.

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