Perfume raw materials


A complete range of unique products that count on only the very best perfume raw materials.

Right from the beginning, Esperis has worked with essential oils and fragrances, meaning that however you want to use them and however much you want to spend we can satisfy any request you may have.
Esperis fragrances are used in creams, make-up, hair products, deodorants and alcohol-based perfumes. They are also used in the industrial and plastics sectors.

As one of the main perfume raw materials wholesale suppliers, we also have a complete range of essential oils (imported and manufactured in Italy). These include bergamot, lemon, mandarin, orange, neroli and petitgrain bigarade.

Are you part of the perfume industry?

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Suppliers of market leaders in the Perfume Industry

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The manufacturer’s expertise and guarantee

We directly produce a significant number of the products in our catalogue
This means we can guarantee product quality and expertly guide our customers when it comes to new orders.

Whatever you’re ordering, for us it’s important. Whether it’s a bulk buy or a mini order we treat it with the same amount of care.

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