What is Guaiazulene? Guaiazulene benefits & uses

Guaiazulene: principle with soothing calming action

What is Guaiazulene? Guaiazulene is an active ingredient used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Colour derived from azulene and other derivatives can undergo considerable changes with a varying of the pH and also due to photochemical sensitivity when it is exposed to daylight and ultra-violet light.

In an acidic environment, azulene derivatives change in colour from a yellowy green to yellow. Atmospheric oxygen, like with light, leads to oxidation of the azulene compounds and these change in colour from blue to greeny blue. This change in colour is relevant for aesthetic purposes but has not effect on the effectiveness of the compounds.

For this reason a stable dye is recommended to minimise colour changes and for the same reason we recommend coloured glass bottles and tubes for packaging.

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